Performers/Bands 2019

Louis Cesar Ewande –

Jon Sanders –

Eamonn Cagney –

Laia del Barrio
“Laia del Barrio started dancing African dance in 2005 in Barcelona, she went to Senegal for the first time in 2007 and still goes there to perfect her technique. She also lived in Senegal for a year and danced with “La Foret Sacree” of Ziguinchor. She has also performed with “Guzanghida” and “Nusodia” in The Netherlands and “Afroalamuta” in Barcelona.
She loves expressing herself through dance and finds it a very energetic way of lifting up her spirits and being able to connect with herself and others.
Her classes start with a warm-up, continue with teaching steps that built up to a choreography and finish with a stretching and cooldown. “

Martin Schärer –

LCE Percussion Trio (former “DJEMBE”) –

Ben ÓFaloáin